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The Shamanism Course


This a modular course over 2 years and will bring the student to Shamanic Practitioner level, which will be assessed after an individual Practical assessment.


The course is approved by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association).


Course Content


In the first year Students study basic techniques of Shamanic Practice, which are deepened and enhanced by continual personal journey work.

The course includes Shamanic Healing, Soul Retrieval, Spirit Release (Psychopomping), Shamanic Counselling, Ancestors and Past Lives, Land Spirits and other areas of Shamanic Practice.

In the second year they further the work with more in-depth study and undertake a case study.





Case Study


A case study will be started after Shamanic Healing (2 ) module in the second year.

This will entail the student undertaking in-depth shamanic healing work using the practices of Shamanic Counselling - 5 sessions which follow a structured and straightforward progression with one client and a write up to include - journeys, points of power, comments and insights, conclusions and final conclusions.

Plus a written piece on a Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Extraction, and Spirit Release (Psychopomping) - to include a full description of the healing practices and journey work undertaken.


Plus-A Reflective piece


A reflection on their work and experiences during the course - and the development of their Shamanic path and the effects it has had on the student’s life.  Describe your journey!


There will be a Certificate, on completion of the Modules, a Practical Assessment and the Case Study, saying that the student is of Shamanic Practitioner standard.


Shamanism modules

To deepen your own spiritual connection and understanding of Shamanism the modules can be undertaken as stand alone courses without having to complete the full Shamanism certificate.

CMA registered



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