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Detox after an Energy session

After a session you may notice some changes in your physical, mental, emotional or

spiritual state.


These changes may either be in the form of improvement or temporary worsening of

symptoms. In energy terms either is good - showing that changes are taking place.

Flu like symptoms, heat or cold, and tiredness are possible examples, although many

people don’t feel anything at all - but things are still happening.


These changes/symptoms are not signs of an illness but show that your body is

detoxing. Stay positive and open minded about what is happening to you.


You may find that you are thinking about things that happened a long time ago and feeling emotional - this is your mind bringing them up for you to look at and let go of - don’t attach to them. (detaching - this involves letting go with love, not ignoring or



NB Make notes of any events/feelings/memories that affect you between sessions -

these are all relevant and can be discussed with your therapist at the next session.

Your mindset and belief systems will begin to change - so keep positive and be grateful for everything you have. Gratitude is a great way to change your thoughts.


f you are at all concerned or have queries about what is happening following a

session please contact your therapist.


Here are some self help activities you can do to speed up the detox.


1. Drink lots of water.


2. Detox drinks - eg. fresh lemon, ginger and honey in hot water, or 1/2 teaspoon of

Himalayan salts in water once a day - helps move the body from an acid to alkaline

state, apple cider vinegar in water does the same.


3. Have an Epsom salts bath - 2/3 good handfuls in comfortably hot water — soak for

as long as you can and then go to bed to continue the detox (you will probably feel

very hot!)


4. Notice any changes in your emotions, and any thoughts that come up from



5. Practice the ‘waterfall technique’ every time you have a shower. (imagine that the

water is washing the inside and outside of your body and flushing anything you

don’t need out through the ends of your fingers and toes and into the water and



6. Massage your hands and feet to unblock them - after massaging and pulling

fingers and toes, pull the energy, like string, out of the ends of fingers and toes.

This can be helped with a scrub made out of coconut oil and epsom salts mixed

together and rubbed in, then washed off.


7. Epsom salts and coconut oil scrub can also be used on your head, or any area that

you feel needs some release - rub it in and then wash off.


8. Soak your hands and feet in Epsom Salts.


9. Clear your energy field with burning sage, or a spray of Palo Santo or Agua de

Florida water.


10. Make sure that you are always grateful and thankful for everything you have and

for all the lessons that you are being given.

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