Graduates from Eden School have gone on to become practitioners with their own businesses, deepened their spiritual awareness and progressed on their personal life journeys.

Stephanie Morehead



'I attended the level 1 Bio energy course after having a course of  treatment and wanted to explore this fascinating therapy in more depth. When I had the chance to do the level 2 diploma course it was not a choice I had to think long or hard about, the knowledge and experience you gain during the course is personal to you and your development, and when the course is complete the changes keep happening.

I also attended the soul journey and talking with spirit ,shamanic workshops which have been fascinating allowing me to do things I never imagined I could achieve and, have enhanced my bio energy skills.

 These courses lead you on a soul searching, self development  path of self awareness and everyone's' journey is different I cannot recommend them highly enough".


 Tel no 07796108722


Sandra Blair

Complementary Therapist


My introduction to Briony and Bio-Energy Healing came when I was in search of something to help my son live a life of health and happiness when Western medicine had nothing to offer.After seeing the effects it had on his health I descided to complete the Level 1 training weekend and instantly decided to enrol on the diploma course with a view to becoming a practitioner myself. I now offer Bio-Energy Healing treatments alongside Access Bars, Reflexology, Swedish Massage and Zu Qigong at my therapy room in the grounds of my home at Thursby, Carlise.

I have also completed several of Briony’s Shamanic courses which I have found fascinating.  They are a way of exploring this ancient practice with like-minded people in a safe environment with a very knowledgeable and inspirational mentor.


Mobile 07748556326

Website: www.sandrablair.co.uk

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Sandra-Blair-Complementary-Therapist

Gill Andrew

Energy Therapist


I came to Energy healing after the recommendations of a few friends who all separately recommended Brionys' work. I had suffered from depression most of my life, had back problems, 'coeliac diesease' and other issues - all of which cleared with the energy work - I was amazed and determined to find out more, so I did the Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner diploma with Briony in 2013.


Learning about our energy fields and chakras and working with the other students was both challenging and fun and we were constantly supported and encouraged in our work by Briony.


I went on to do Level 3 Advanced Practitioner diploma in 2014, and Level 4a Teaching Level 1 with Michael D'Alton in 2015.


I also read extensively to broaden my knowledge and help my practice. I have done Soul's Journey Courses and have almost completed the Shamanic Practitioner 2 year course with Briony - they have been informative, inspirational, life-changing, and at times challenging,  but always brilliantly taught due to Briony's excellent knowledge, spirituality and supportive teaching style, I would highly recommend them.


I now feel very happy and privileged to assist Briony on Shamanic courses and help with the administration of the School.



email: gillbioenergy@gmail.com


Wendy Hessel-Richardson


I am currently a practising Bio-Energy Therapist and took Briony’s level one course first, followed by her Diploma course in 2010/11.

I have also done other courses with Briony including:  an Introduction to Shamanic Healing and Soul Journey 1.

Briony is a wonderful teacher and gifted healer and I feel honoured to have been a student of hers.

Bio-Energy Therapist, Kinesiologist &

Nia Holistic Fitness Teacher

Holistic-Star website:


Email: holisticstarwendy@gmail.com

Phone: 07702 809606

CMA registered



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